Local Man Hosts Mass Shooting Trainings

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By Garin Flowers:
February 26, 2013

Odds are you will never be in mass shooter-type of situation. But, it could happen.

"The community has to know and they have to be trained in order for them to help themselves," said Alfred Goosby, who trains people on emergency situations.

Goosby will soon be retiring his life in the health field to begin his life in emergency preparation, such as teaching people how to react when possibly being faced with a mass shooter situation.

"We're there to provide the help as needed, we're not going in trying to take over anybody's plans or anything like that we're just there to help," he said.

It's called Rural Area Preparedness Planning. Goosby recommends three specific actions for a potential shooter situation.

1. If there is an accessible path, evacuate.

2. Next option is to hide out somewhere the shooter is less likely to find you.

3. As a last resort only, take action against the shooter.

The tragic shooting that took the life of 27 people in Newtown, CT has raised many questions about safety in schools.

People in small areas like the city of Madison are hoping to maintain students safety.

"We have tried to put things in place to ensure student safety,"
said Andy Barnes, who works with the Madison County school system.

"We're going to be adding additional cameras, were talking about adding additional SROs (School Resource Officers) to our staff."

As for Goosby, it's his passion to help areas prepare for emergency situations.

"Hoping that they never occur, but if they do we'll be more prepared," he said.

For now, he holds training sessions on weekends, but plans to make it a full time commitment when he retires in a few months.

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