Local Man Pulls Woman Out of SUV Sinking in Water

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Lucas VanSickle is an employee at the Tallahassee Museum, a business owner and a hero.

Two weeks ago his actions not only saved a woman's life, but also her Christmas gifts.

"I looked over to my left and there was a car, SUV, white SUV floating in a pond," VanSickle said.

The SUV was submerged in a pond next to the I-10 ramp off of Thomasville Road.

VanSickle saw it and pulled over just to make sure someone wasn't in it. There was.

"I saw the windows rolled down and I was pretty sure I saw somebody wave their arm for help, so I pulled over went running down there and sure enough there was a lady down there," he said.

He said the woman believes she overcorrected while driving which sent her SUV into the pond.

It was a scary moment for her, but with VanSickle to save the day, she first handed him Christmas gifts to take to shore, before taking her.

"I started wading in, got to her car and she was doing something in the back of it, then she popped her head out the window with like 5, 7 something bags of Christmas presents. She was determined to save her presents cause she just done all the shopping," he said.

VanSickle finally pulled her out of the car, brought her to shore and they waited for first responders.

"It was a good feeling to get her out of there and to save her presents too I guess from sinking."

The woman VanSickle pulled out of the water was very thankful for him saving her life. First responders on the scene also gave him compliments for his bravery.

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