Local Memorial Holds Special Meaning For A Family

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By:Emily Johnson
May 26, 2014

Tallahassee,FL - "So I asked him to model and I thought he was going to say no, because I told him I wanted to do him as he was," said Sandy Proctor.

As he sits keeping a watchful eye on downtown Tallahassee, the World War II Memorial remembers the brave men and women in the US Military. Sand Proctor is the bronze sculpt artist who created the memorial after his cousin, Julian Proctor. Julian served in the US Navy in World War II.

"I think in World War Two they were real heroes," said Proctor.

The World War II Memorials was dedicated in 2001 and since then families have been coming here to see the brick of their family member who served in the war.

"They're visiting me for a few days and I wanted them to see his daddy's name on the brick," said Nell Carlile

Carlile who is now 93-years-old said it's been five years since she visited the memorial. She brought her nephew, Ralph Turner on Monday. The two were searching for the names of her husband (Laymon E. Carlile) and Turner's father (J Ralph Turner) on the brick circle surrounding the bronze sculpture.

Turner said his father was a decorated war hero.

"Silver Star, two Purple Hearts, two Bronze Stars, Prisoner of War for 18 months," said Ralph Turner.

Bother veterans served in the US Army and Carlile said she's thankful she can still come visit her husband.

"I think it's a good remembrance on a Memorial Day to remember those who fought and have gone ahead of us," said Carlile.

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