[UPDATE] Tallahassee Ministers Visit Newtown

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By Garin Flowers:
February 13, 2013

Two local men who traveled to Newtown, Connecticut shared their experience with the Tallahassee city commission Wednesday afternoon.

Pastors Ivery Guyton and Anthony Dowling gave a report at the 4 p.m. meeting.

The men, from Discovering Life International Ministries, went to Newtown on January 15th and came back on the 18th.

They shared pictures and emotional moments from their life changing trip.

"It's important that we embrace each other. Trouble and tragedy like that doesn't know any ethnicity or color or anything of that nature, but just embrace each other while we can," Guyton said.

With them on the trip, they brought a proclamation from Schools Superintendent, Jackie Pons, and a separate one from Mayor John Marks.

While there, they met with the rotary club, community leaders, and Newtown residents.


UPDATED 1.18.2013 by Julie Montanaro

Two Tallahassee ministers returned from Newtown, Connecticut this morning. And they're still fighting back tears.

The men took proclamations from the City of Tallahassee and the Leon County School System.

The ministers from Discovering Life International spent three days in Newtown.

They met with representatives from the city, schools and the local rotary club there.

They described a city hall filled with cards, letters and posters - and say many of the people they met had never heard of Tallahassee.

"Once they found out how far we had come, they wanted to treat us. They became the hosts. So for us ...we were going to encourage them, but I think for us, they actually encouraged us," Anthony Dowling said.

The ministers say there is a prayer tent at the entrance to Newtown where folks can light candles, leave messages and more and there are little angel tokens everywhere.

They called it a life-changing visit.

"The feel was just extraordinary. You would think that after a tragedy like this they would be so reserved, but they weren't. They were so warm and so welcoming," Dowling said, "as if to say love conquers hate. Love conquers all."

Tallahassee, FL - On the anniversary of the tragic shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, local residents are still reaching out to make a difference.

A pastor and his church members will deliver proclamations and messages from Tallahassee to Newtown directly.

They will make the trip Tuesday and meet with school officials up there. They are bringing two proclamations signed by Mayor John Marks and Superintendent of Schools Jackie Pons.

They are also taking with them a sign with more than 200 signatures from local residents.

"We just want to show that their hurt is our hurt. Their hurt is our hurt, so we're hurting along with them and we're praying along with them as well," said Ivery Guyton, pastor of Discovering Life International Ministries.

Pastor Guyton was one of the people who hosted a candle light vigil at Lake Ella for the Sandy Hook victims. They land in Connecticut Tuesday and will meet with school officials shortly after.

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