Local Mom Trying To Find A Way To Stop Bullying Among Students

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By: Kara Duffy

Cairo, GA- Bullying among students at school has become a serious issue in today's society.

"Sometimes, Travis comes home; he has juice poured on him. Some kids might spit on him and he had an incident where he came home without his jacket and his pack-back and I had to go to the school to get it because the kids took it from him," said Tina.

Tina's son goes to school in Grady County. She says for months, her child has been tormented at school by other students.

"I notice that when he goes places, he's ashamed for people to look at him," she said. "He doesn't talk as much. He's more shy now than he's ever been. It's like he's shutting himself off from the world."

Tina says despite multiple complaints to the school, nothing has been done.

The school's superintendent says by law, he cannot comment on individual students or their situations. However, he did tell me that bullying is not tolerated in Grady County.

He said school officials are required to address each situation brought to their attention and disciplinary action varies depending on the severity of the circumstance.

"I hope that a lot of kids will listen to Travis' story and realize that the words they tell other kids, really do harm them," Tina said. "I hope that a lot of kids that are getting bullied will step up and let people know they're getting bullied, so they can get help."

According to Georgia law, students who are caught bullying other students three or more times in one school year are required to attend an alternative school in the area.