Local Musical Ensemble Provides Authentic Experience

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By: Bailey Myers
November 24th, 2013

Tallahassee FL- Some of histories classic pieces were played tonight in Tallahassee as part of the The Tallahassee Bach Parley Concert.

Hundreds filled the pews of St. John's Episcopal Church in Tallahassee tonight to hear the historic pieces. This was the group's 33rd season performing for the public.

They explained to the audience that what once started off as a small ensemble has now truly turned grown into a major performance for Tallahassee. "The Tallahassee Bach Parley is unique because the ensemble plays on period instruments. So they are playing Baroque music on the instruments that were actually designed to play this type of music. So, its a very authentic experience," said Tallahassee Bach Parley Board President, Erica Thaler.

The ensemble performs throughout the year, and plans on having more concerts in both February and June.

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