Local Neighborhoods Get into the Christmas Spirit

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Crawfordville, FL-December 22, 2012

One Wakulla Neighborhood is going all out this year with its Christmas lights.

Several homes in the Songbird neighborhood in Crawfordville are covered from roof to lawn with Christmas lights and decorations.

One home on the corner of and Cardinal Lane and Songbird Avenue has more than 15,000 lights on it.

The owner says it took him about 100 hours to do. All the light are synchronized to Christmas music that can be heard on the F-M dial.

The owner says he did it for the children in the neighborhood and to celebrate Christmas and Christ.

He hopes to keep the lights up through the first of the year.

In the Killearn Lakes area of Tallahassee there is a similarly decorated home on Tralee Road.

Cars line up along the street each night to catch the show.

The owners have been doing the display for several years.

It's become quite popular with people in the area.

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