Local Rep. Calls Constituent a "Hater" on Twitter

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Tallahassee, FL -- The social media service "Twitter" is something Monticello Republican Representative Halsey Beshears uses to connect with voters.

"It's a great way to get your message out quickly, efficiently, but at the same time it can be a dangerous tool if you're not careful," said Rep. Beshears.

Beshears learned that danger first hand, after an exchange with Diane Wilson, a constituent of his house district and part of the Wakulla Democratic Women Organization.

"I sent him a simple tweet with my displeasure of a vote that he made last week, and I got a reply from him that was slightly snarky, and it had "haters" on it, and I was stunned," said Wilson via phone.

The tweet, which used the term #haters from Beshears while addressing Wilson's gripe, got some backlash from Wilson and others.

Hashtags are Twitters way of searching for a conversation or, in this case, Beshears way of rebutting Wilson's point.

Social Media in the House and Senate chambers is getting bigger by the day. WCTV reporter Matt Galka was able to send tweets to members on the house floor, political parties, and press secretaries and received responses within an hour.

Even with all the accessibility, don't expect Beshears' twitter handle to be replacing his name on the board anytime soon.

"I just decided to remove myself from the situation it's that simple," said Beshears.

He shut down his twitter account on Monday, April 22nd, after apologizing.

Diane Wilson did say she appreciated Beshears' apology, and would like to see him back on Twitter soon.

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