Local Resident Celebrates 31 Years of Naval Service

By: Lanetra Bennett
July 21, 2014

Tallahassee, FL - He's traveled the world, worked with the president, and shaken hands with diplomats. But, the people he admires most? His family.

Captain Roger G. Isom came back home to Monticello to celebrate his retirement from the U.S. Navy over the weekend.

He was honored for 31 years of naval service.

Isom has been deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom, won numerous awards, and was assigned to Joint Staff at the Pentagon.

He says, "I have been blessed with so many opportunities, to be a part of an amazing profession, to work with amazing people and to do amazing things. Along the way I hope I made a difference in the world, and hopefully proudly represent my community."

Captain Isom was the third African American to rise to the highest ranking position as Brigade Commander in the naval academy, where he was in charge of 4,500 students.

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