Resident On MLK Blvd Reminisces About Seeing MLK Jr.

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By Garin Flowers
August 27, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Wednesday marks the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, where Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his powerful "I Have A Dream" speech.

So, we drove along MLK Boulevard in Tallahassee, to see how people feel about the significance of living on this street.

On the way, we ran into Barrie Ashcroft. She's proud to live on this street and one time, even stood just feet away from the man it's named after.

"He means so much to me, he made such a drastic change," Ashcroft said.

"When I was a little girl, I saw him at Bethel Baptist Church right up the street from me...the adults told me you're so little you can go around the side door, you can get in, they'll squeeze you in."

She then entered the church and chose a free seat up in the pulpit.

"After we waited a while and Martin Luther King, Jr. showed up, everybody stood and gave him a standing ovation. Well, I was a little girl, I had never experienced a standing ovation before and I knew I didn't love anybody better than I loved my momma, Ms. Roberts. I didn't love nobody better than momma and I didn't stand up, but ever since then, when I made the mistake of not standing up, ever since then I've been standing up for him," Ashcroft said.

Ashcroft, having attended the old Lincoln High School just down the street, has built a strong history along the road herself, while celebrating the person it honors.

"I'm proud of living on this street," she said.

The March on Washington will be commemorated Wednesday in Washington D.C., the same place where Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke.

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