Local Retirement Home Recognizes Veterans & 'Rosies'

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Thomasville, GA- The Southern Pines Retirement home in Thomasville celebrated their veteran residents at a ceremony Monday.

Two women were also recognized who were 'Rosie The Riveters' during World War II.

They were presented with a dozen of roses as appreciation for their sacrifices.

Mitzi Sipp said she was a cheerleader at 16 years-old but traded in her pom-poms to work in the fields of Long Island, New York.

"It was hard work because we got up early in the morning," Sipp said. "We were out in the fields by six and we worked until five in the afternoon, six days a week."

Sipp says one of the things she remembers most is that no one ever complained about their scarifies.

Southern Pines also engraved a plaque with all the names of their veterans. Organizers say they're going to continue to add to the plaque over the years.

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