[UPDATE] Rain Floods Out Area Roadways

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By: Mike Springer
March 2, 2013

The Gadsden County Sheriff's Office says it reopened Fairbanks Ferry Road around 3:30 p.m. Saturday.

By Mike Springer
February 28, 2013

Leon County, FL-Heavy rains have caused flooding in much of our area. Some roads such as Fairbanks Ferry Road near County Road 12 have been impassable for several days.Neighbors who live there say it's some of the worst flooding they've seen in years.

"My grandmother's home it's up to the porch and my uncle's store. A lot of my uncle's structures are kind of damaged with the water," said Latisa Robinson

Robinson lives with her husband and two sons here along Fairbanks Ferry Road. It's right near the Ochlockonee River. She's lived here all her life.

"It use to flood here every year. But it's actually been three or four years since it flooded this bad."

On Thursday, a good portion of Fairbanks Ferry Road remained underwater.

"Based on the gauges there it looks like it peaked at about 7 feet above flood stage on Wednesday and the good news is with the continued dry weather it should slowly recede for the rest of the week and go on into next week," said meteorologist Mike McCall.

Robinson says there is a sliver lining to these floods.

"I have a five year old, he's missing school, my husband is missing work so there are quite a few negatives to it, but it does give us time to spend together, you know?, " she said.

None of the homes along the road here have been evacuated. But a spokeswoman for Talquin Electric says power to homes along Crooked and Fairbanks Ferry Roads has been cutoff.

Power is expected to be restored sometime this weekend.

By Mike Springer
February 27, 2013

Tallahassee, FL-The heavy rains in our area saw the last few days are causing trouble along County Road 12.

A portion of the Fairbanks Ferry Road along the Leon County Gadsden County border has been under water for days.

Residents there estimate the water to be at least four feet deep, if not deeper in some spots.

The Leon County Sheriff's Office closed part of the road for safety concerns.

"We run an oversize load which is 134-thousand pounds, 17 feet tall and this is the way DOT routed them. But they can't get through the water down there because it's too deep, too dangerous," said Arlee Simon, whose truck was forced to find another way around.

At this time, the Sheriff's Office has not evacuated any homes
UPDATE By: James Buechele 2-26-13

Signs saying caution were posted by the sheriff's office on numerous roads in Leon County.

"I've seen the signs that say the high flooding levels and I got the message this morning that there were high flooding levels in Tallahassee," said resident Martimer Wilson.

Some motorists didn't even attempt to drive through the standing water on roads. But some drivers on Old Bainbridge flew right through the standing water.

One of the most popular spots to see how much rain we received was at Lake Ella. Flooding there closed part of the road in the park. The path around Lake Ella is .60 miles but most of that is under water. That's why a lot of residents were out taking pictures.

"I've never seen it like this," said Bailey McColl who came to the park to jog. "I heard on the radio that we got like 7 inches yesterday in 24 hours, so it was kind of crazy when I saw it flooded."

Forecasters say some rivers and lakes could take days, even weeks, before returning to normal levels.

By: Lanetra Bennett
February 25, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Weather conditions are being closely monitored to keep the roadways safe.

Leon County and Tallahassee city emergency managers are paying special attention to areas more prone to flooding.

"It'll actually pick my truck up and turn it around. I'll have to get it and bring it up here. When the road gets too bad where we can't go out either way, we have to come through the back."

Tallahassee resident Arthur Crimeley says Creek Road sometimes turns into a creek.

Emergency Management officials closed portions of the road Monday because of flooding.

Crimeley says, "What it is, it's like a pond over there, some drainage water. So once it goes to raining, everything just comes up and just come on right across the street."

Crimeley says flooding forced him to move out in 2008. He says water came into his yard and over the porch and into his house.

There's a visible colored strip on his house where the water line is.

Crimeley says, "You see how high my house is, so it was pretty bad. My A/C unit was all up under water. it moved the vehicles out of the driveway, they were floating."

Old Bainbridge Road did not close down, but, drivers were warned about flooding with a sign posted on the road.

The intersection at Homewood was under water.

The I-10 on ramp at Capital Circle Northwest was also flooded Monday morning. Flood water was spilling onto the (CUE) right-hand lane.

Underwater signs were also posted on Meridian Road near County Road 12.

For the latest information on weather and road conditions, we will keep you posted on Eyewitness News and wctv.tv.

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