Local School Districts Prepare for Wintry Weather

By: Lanetra Bennett
January 27, 2014

Tallahassee, FL - We're used to talking about preparing for hurricanes and tornadoes in our area. But, some people are chuckling in disbelief about talks of snow flurries Wednesday morning.

However, we did get an email from a concerned parent wondering if the wintry weather poses a threat to local schools. The divisional director for Leon County Schools, Ronnie Youngblood, responds by saying, "We will be prepared."

Leon County School administrators say they are monitoring the winter weather heading our way.

Just in case things happen to get a little icy Wednesday morning, they say they'll be ready.

Youngblood says, "We are on top of it. We are through our communications, our safety and security, our contacts through the weather forecast to make sure that we make right decisions for the safety of our students and our drivers."

At this time, administrators say they do not see a need to close schools. But, if conditions do change during the day, the GPS on each Leon County school bus can help them keep students and drivers off the roads.

Youngblood says, "We know where every one of our buses are located."

Administrators say they have two-way radios to communicate with bus drivers. Youngblood explains, "If it's a situation where we may say, okay, here's where we need you to go, we need you to stay at this school until the conditions get a little bit better or to where they're actually are now safe. We have that capability."

Tallahassee resident, Jayson Goldman, says, "It's good to, if you're not used to it, just to play it safe. Keep your kids home, stay at home if you don't feel safe to drive out on the roads."

Gadsden County and Valdosta City School officials say they're also monitoring the weather. They say they will make a decision on school closings by Tuesday. They say they'll use the all-call system to notify parents.

WCTV will keep you posted on Eyewitness News and wctv.tv. For a list of reported school closings, click on the story on our website, titled, "Status of Schools due to Weather."

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