Local School Needs Votes to Win 50 Thousand Dollar Prize

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-- Valdosta, Ga. -- December 4, 2012 --

A $50 thousand dollar prize could be the key to revitalizing one local school's music department.

Kathy Armstrong is a music teacher at WG Nunn Elementary. She said "I can see it. I can taste it. I know that we can win this money if we can just get the support of our community."

It's called the Power a Bright Future grant contest, sponsored by the Clorox Company. Roughly 400 schools from around the country are vying for the cash. Including Valdosta's WG Nunn Elementary.

Armstrong went on to say "the key to win is to get as many votes as we possibly can. I have exhausted my little circle of friends and family. My daughter says I'm to the point of stalking people getting them to vote for our school."

The deadline is December 19th. Up to this point, nearly all of the instruments have come out of the pockets of teachers like Mrs. Armstrong.

Evelyn Stockmann is a student at WG Nunn. She said "vote everyday so we can win these new instruments because our music teachers have been paying for them."

To vote for W-G Nunn Elementary school, text 1-5-9-5-P-B-F to phone number 9-5-2-4-8.

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