Local Veteran Receives Congressional Gold Medal Posthumously

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Sons of Chester Davis, Sr. say their father didn't serve in the Marines as an African American, but as an American whose goal was to preserve the freedom guaranteed by our country.

Davis is deceased but his children, sisters and other family members gathered Sunday to celebrate a new accomplishment.

He was awarded a Congressional Gold Medal because of his service with the Montford Point Marines out of North Carolina.

"We're glad that we're a part of this," said Chester Davis, Jr., first son of Chester Davis, Sr.

"I'm glad that my dad was a part of this history and today we look at the legacy that he has left us," said another son, Tom Davis.

The bill to award Congressional Gold Medals to Montford Point Marines was signed into law by President Barack Obama in November of last year.

"It was passed by all of Congress and we had no dissent," David, Jr. said.

Davis, Sr. died in 1981 at the age of 57. He was buried at Oak Grove cemetery.

According to his family, Davis was one of the first black combat marines to fight in World War II.

The family says they will always treasure the Congressional Gold Medal and the citation signed by President Obama.

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