Local Vets React To VA Controversy

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By: Emily Johnson
May 22, 2014

Tallahassee, FL - A national uproar is spreading from coast to coast as many veterans are livid about how they've been treated by the VA.

We spoke with local veterans who had this to say.

"When I had open heart surgery in January of 2010, it was done here in Tallahassee because it was considered an emergency and they couldn't take me to a VA hospital," said Joe West, a local veteran.

West said after his open heart surgery it took the VA nine months until he was able to see a cardiologist. He said vets like him have know about the problems with the VA for quite some time.

"It's hard to say it, but a lot of us understand that when we're filing claims with the VA, the VA shoulders those claims or holds those claims, they've lost claims," said West.

Since the report went public, there are now 26 VA facilities across the US being investigated and one of those is in Florida. The Malcom Randall VA Medical Center is Gainesville is being questioned regarding why they kept paper records instead of using they VA's electronic computer system.

As a caregiver and a veteran were leaving the VA Outpatient Clinic in Tallahassee Thursday afternoon we asked them how they've been treated at this facility.

"His care has been superb. I wish that I were eligible to get benefits through the VA here," said Frank Meyers, Caregiver To Veteran.

Others we spoke with at the Outpatient Clinic said they've only good experiences as well.

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