[Update] Woman Accused of Insurance Fraud For Faking Fall Set To Enter Plea

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Monticello, Florida - November 14, 2012

A local woman accused of faking a fall for insurance money appeared in court Wednesday.

Jefferson County Sheriff deputies arrested 23-year-old Selina

Williams and charged her with two counts of insurance fraud.

Officials with the state believe Williams faked a fall at the IGA grocery store in Monticello.

It took two years to investigate and officials arrested her back in July.

In court, the judge granted Williams' attorney's request to move her trial date to December.


Monticello, Florida-October 21, 2012

A woman accused of insurance fraud is set to enter a plea Monday morning in Jefferson County.

Selina Williams, 23, claimed she slipped and fell in the Big Save IGA grocery store in Moticello back in 2010.

Store owners reviewed the surveillance video and realized it was a ploy.

Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputies arrested her July 26, 2012 and charged her with two counts of insurance fraud.
Monticello, Florida- August 1, 2012

The Patel family has run the Big Save IGA grocery store in Monticello for more than a decade.

They've enjoy working in this community, but now are more cautious.

"She was out to get us and trying to take money away from the business," said Anil Patel, whose family owns the store.

Jefferson County Sheriff officials said 23-year-old Selina Williams claimed she slipped and fell in the store back in 2010.

Instead, Patel said the woman tried to fall near an area with a wet floor sign.

"She got up, started looking around, looking around at items and stuff. Soon as she saw us coming back she sat down."

At first, Patel thought Williams really fell on the ground and hurt herself, but then he looked at the surveillance video and said he realized it was just a ploy.

They turned the video over to their insurance carrier. The Florida Department of Financial Services then investigated and concluded Williams committed insurance fraud.

"I shop at this store all the time and they seem like good people, so I don't know why someone would really fake falling in the store," said Big Save customer, Buster Edwards.

Deputies arrested her July 26th. She's charged with two counts of insurance fraud.

"We work hard for this business. We don't actually sit around and let other people work for us," Patel added.

A judge granted Williams bail of $5,000 at her first appearance in court. She has bonded out of jail.

As for the Patel family, they said they hope this sends a message to people to not try and commit fraud.

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