Local Woman Charged with Animal Cruelty

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By: Chris Gros
July 2, 2014

Shawonda Davis is facing two counts of animal cruelty.

Davis called Animal Control to have the dogs removed because she claims opossums were biting them.

When TPD and Animal Control arrived they found the dogs with open oozing wounds and severe mange but only baby opossums were on the property.

Davis was then arrested.

As for the dogs the older of the two was euthanized due to aggressive behavior.

But there is a silver lining, the five month old puppy Spanky is recovering and on his way to adoption.

Dana McBee, Last Hope Rescue said, "He loves playing with other dogs and toys. He's just in, he's kind of like in that awe state right now and he's just so thankful that he's been saved and his life is completely changed."

Spanky was transferred from Tallahassee Animal Shelter to Last Hope Rescue.

A Tallahassee woman is behind bars after being charged with felony cruelty to animals.

Animal control says two dogs at Shawonda Davis' home on Lake Avenue were suffering from severe pain and neglect.

Officers say that one of the dogs was severely dehydrated and couldn't move its limbs. It also suffered from rotting flesh that was just starting to heal.

Animal control discovered the conditions after Davis called them to the home, claiming opossums in her yard kept attacking the dogs. However, officers say that when they arrived, they discovered the two opossums were babies and could not have harmed the dogs.

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