Lofty Pursuits to Celebrate a Piece of History

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A Tallahassee candy store will celebrate a piece of history tomorrow.

Lofty Pursuits' candy cooling table will turn 163 years old.

The 2,000 pound table is one of the few left of its kind.

It was made in Hartford, CT in 1851.

The owner of Lofty Pursuits bought the table from a candy maker in California.

It's used to cool the candy after it's made.

Candy makers at the store on Timberlane Rd. often hold candy making demonstrations for customers on the cooling table.

"It's kind of cool if you think about it. This thing has been making candy for people for over a century and a half. It's been bringing smiles to people's faces. It probably knows more about candy making if it knew anything than I'll ever know. And it's probably made every type of candy," Gregory Cohen, Owner of Lofty Pursuits said.

To celebrate, Lofty Pursuits will give out free candy samples all day tomorrow.

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