Longtime Correctional Officer Arrested For Selling Prescription Pills

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Decatur County, GA- A longtime correctional officer at the Decatur County Prison has now landed himself behind bars.

"When the Sheriff told me, 'Hey, this is Lt. Robert Wright,' it was shocking, because I'm thinking, this guy is 53-years-old, he's been with me 24, 25 years and he just doesn't do this," said Elijah McCoy. the Warden of the prison.

Sheriff's Deputies say on Wednesday afternoon, Wright met an informant at Cheney Griffin Park to sell him prescription pills.

Wright was on his lunch break and was still dressed in uniform.

"He sold approximately 30 pills of hydrocodone prescription drugs, pain killers, and then had another large quantity in the vehicle with him when he was stopped.," said Captain Chip Nix with the Decatur County Sheriff's Office. "We believe that it's coming from another state, actually being shipped to him."

Wright was charged with the sale of hydrocodone, possession of hydrocodone, and violation of oath of office.

McCoy says Wright was terminated immediately.

"This doesn't have any weigh-in on DCCI. We're here to do what we're supposed to do, we're here to do our jobs and this type of behavior, we will not tolerate," he said.

Deputies do not believe Wright was involved in any wrong doing while on prison grounds.

Wright was taken to the Decatur County Jail and has since been released on a $35,100 bond.

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