FSU's Biggest Fan?

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When it comes to FSU football, Bob Schmidt doesn't mess around. He's missed only one home game in 48 years.

So, don't ask him if he'll make it to the next one.

"Is the pope, Catholic? Of course, I'm going to that game," Bob said.

At 89-years-old, Bob's memory of Seminole football is as sharp as Osceola's spear.

"We were down 31 to 3 at the beginning of the fourth quarter and we tied the game at 31-31 against Florida," he said.

He doesn't miss matches on the road, either.

He's attended both the Pittsburgh and Clemson games this year.

"When Clemson scored their second touchdown, the big billboard sign come up and says 'make noise, make noise.' It wasn't anyone there to make any noise," Bob said with laughter.

"We love seeing him at football games and I think he's been to every game this year and I know he has and I believe every game last year and the year before that," said Gene Deckerhoff, the radio play-by-play announces for FSU football.

Monette White is a good friend of Bob's. She helps take him to different FSU sporting events.

"We thought his name for years was meathead," White said, who met Bob at a Florida State baseball game.

Bob moved to Tallahassee in the '60s for a job in insurance. He never attended Florida State, but still has a strong connection to their sports programs. He was an usher at FSU football games for 23 years.

Bob had some of the best seats for this year's NC State game from a sky box.

"What do I think about Jameis? Well, I think he's pretty famous. I think he's a great quarterback."

For Bob, it's all about supporting and believing in his team no matter what.

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