Love Moon Pies? Head Over to The Moon Pie Princess Pageant Tonight

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Press Release: Taylor County Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Development

Girls between the ages of 5 and 8 years old will be competing for the Moon Pie Princess Pageant Crown at Forest Capital State Park in Perry Florida on March 22, 2013 at 6:00 p.m.

The Moon Pie Princess, her court and the Moon Pie Sweethearts will represent Moon Pie at the Florida State Bluegrass Festival held in Perry during the weekend of April 4-6, 2013. For information about the festival, go to

You can buy your ticket at Forest Capital State Park. Sixteen beautiful little girls will dazzle us with their personality and poise. Girls will be telling us what their favorite MoonPie is and they will be dressing up in a fashion that best represents blue grass to them. There will also be an evening gown segment. The MoonPie Princess will be crowned as well as her court and the Bluegrass Sweethearts!

Moon Pie Inc. is a major sponsor of the Florida State Bluegrass Festival that will be held in two weeks in Perry (April 4-6, 2013). The Moon Pie event is for little girls ages 5-8, we crown our official Moon Pie Princess, her court and the Moon Pie Sweethearts (all are recognized and crowned). Then all are invited to the Festival and throughout the day, they walk around with baskets of moon pies to give to the attendees, (which is over 2500 attendees) Moon Pie supplies all the moon pies and the girls are recognized on stage and get to sing with one of our headlining groups. It’s a very popular, growing event. As for the children, it helps instill confidence and makes them feel special because they are all treated as winners!!

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