Lowndes Man Stung By Bees Over A Thousand Times [GALLERY]

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By Greg Gullberg
Aug 05, 2013

Hahira, GA - A Lowndes County man is recovering in the hospital after being stung by bees over 1,000 times.

77 year old Raymond Folsom was mowing his property with his tractor Saturday around the beekeeper hives as he always does, but this time he accidentally hit them.

"They said it looked like coarse black pepper all over his body. The doctor started with tweezers trying to pick them out but they eventually just had to get knives and scrape them off of him," said Christi Mitchell, Folsom's Grand Daughter.

Folsom's eyes were swelling shut from the bee stings as he crawled to the other side of the dirt road to make a desperate call for help.

"You can see how remote it is out here. He would have never got any help," Mitchell said.

77 year old Folsom had to call 911practically blind. His eyes were swelling shut. And his family says he would have died if it weren't for his cell phone.

"They were covering his face while he was trying to call 911 and he had to actually scrape the bees off of his eyes to be able to see the phone," Mitchell said.

Folsom's family says he's in good spirits. But he may need to stay in the hospital another day or two.

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