Lowndes County Commission And Lowndes County School Board Adopt Millage Rate Increases

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Winnie Wright
July 23, 2014

Lowndes County, GA - Both the Lowndes County Commission and the Lowndes County School Board have approved millage rate increases for next year.

Tuesday night, the County School Board held their final public hearing on the matter, and voted to adopt the 2.2 millage increase shortly afterwards. Wednesday morning, The Lowndes County Commission held their final public hearing and also adopted an increase shortly afterwards of 1.007 mills. This increase brings the county's total millage to 8.31 mills, with an additional one mill going to the Lowndes County Industrial Authority, and 1.25 mills going to the Parks and Rec.

"We were just at a crossroads to where we had to make a decision, and that decision was; if we are going to move Lowndes County forward, reward, basically give the employees of Lowndes County a pay raise, then part of that process was going to require a millage increase", says Lowndes County Commission Chairman, Bill Slaugher.

The total millage for Lowndes County Schools is now at 16.8, that's 6.2 mills higher than the Lowndes County millage rate, that's set at 10.6, with the inclusion of the Industrial Authority and the Parks and Rec.

Slaughter says there have been mixed emotions about the increase, which will probably also be the case when the City hosts their first round of public hearings on a possible millage increase Thursday at noon and 6 at City Hall.