Lowndes County Man Found Guilty of Murdering his Wife

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Valdosta, GA - A Lowndes County man has been found guilty of murdering his wife.

Wayne Luberda killed his wife and hid her body in a closet. That's what the jury said this morning when they found him guilty of murder. Our camera was the only one rolling in the courtroom.

Wayne Luberda dipped his head down as the court clerk read the verdict, guilty of malice murder.

The verdict carries a mandatory life sentence. Friends of the victim - his wife Maria Luberda - expressed relief upon hearing the news. The verdict comes on the third day of a trial which brought to light some grizzly details.

Brad Shealy, Assistant District Attorney, stated, "the injuries to her head, the victim's head, was done as a result of a blunt object. And she was hit with such force that it sent bone fragments into her brain. And that the force that she was hit with would be like her falling off of a second floor building."

The murder occurred in October of last year. Luberda stowed his wife's body in the master bedroom's closet of their home in Lowndes County. He was also convicted of concealing the death of another and tampering with evidence

James Jarvis, Assistant Defense Attorney, added "sentencing, as I said, will be on the sixteenth of November. Whatever happens then I expect very shortly after that we'll file a motion for new trial on behalf of Mr. Luberda.

Valdosta, GA - Wayne Loburda has been found guilty of malice murder which carries a mandatory life sentence. He's also been sentenced for concealing the death of another, and tampering with evidence. He will be sentenced on November 16th at 11 am.

Valdosta, GA - a jury is deliberating in the third day of a trial against Wayne Luberda. Luberda is charged with malice murder and involuntary manslaughter in the October 7, 2011 death of his wife, Maria. Closing arguments were made Tuesday afternoon and the jury went into deliberations soon after.

WCTV has a reporter in the courtroom and will bring you the verdict as soon as it comes in.

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