Lowndes County Officials Warn To "Look Before You Lock" When It Comes To Leaving Pets In Hot Cars

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Winnie Wright
August 12, 2014

Valdosta, GA - As the temperatures seem to soar, local officials are reminding residents to "Look Before You Lock" your pets in the car.

It comes after a Gwinnett County, Georgia man was charged with animal cruelty last month when his dog died in a hot car, and neighbors reported he threw the body in a lake. Paige Dukes, with Lowndes County Animal Welfare says, according to Georgia law, If you're caught in Lowndes County, you'll be charged with animal cruelty, even with the car windows down.

"A dog's temperature can rise three to five times faster than a human's. So, if you're in a vehicle, even with the windows cracked, and you would be uncomfortable, imagine the effect that could have on your dog", says Dukes.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, a car's windows trap sunlight and heat. They say when its 83 degrees outside, even with the window rolled down two inches, temperatures inside the car can reach 109 degrees in only 15 minutes.