Lowndes County Runners Speak Out About Boston Bombing Suspects

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By Eames Yates
April 19, 2013

Lowndes County, GA -

Memories of the Boston Marathon bombings are still fresh in the minds of the Lowndes County residents that ran in the Boston Marathon.

For April Scruggs finding out that one of the suspects was shot and killed by police was bittersweet.

She said "relief and justice... I don't know.. it just makes me sick. I'd rather see them just rot in jail honestly becuase it's easier to be killed. I mean rotting in jail to me would be the worst thing ever."

Sean McConnell of Hahira had just completed the marathon when the bombs went off. He said "it makes me feel good that authorities, the FBI, the Boston Police, the state of Massachusetts and all those authorities worked so diligently and so professionally to catch this person and that way they can stop the carnage because obviously these men were prepared to do some more damage."

McConnell says he wants the other suspect brought in alive. "I hope they don't kill him because when you do you lose all his information that you may be able to get from him that could stop future bombings."

The three Lowndes County residents that took part in the Boston Marathon are back home with no injuries.

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