Bootleg DVD Operation Busted In Lowndes County

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By: Eames Yates
September 18, 2013

Lowndes County, GA - Robert Mitchell was arrested on Tuesday and charged with illegal reproduction and sale of copyrighted material. Deputies seized more than ten thousand DVDs from his home.

Lieutenant Stryde Jones of the Lowndes County Sheriff's Office said
"there was everything from church music to pornographic videos that had been reproduced."

They say he was operating a store selling the movies from his house at 750 South Lee Street, adding he videotaped the films and burned the DVDs. Some of the movies are still in theaters.

Lieutenant Stryde went on to say "we did involve and ask for the assistance of the Motion Picture Association of America and they've assisted us in identifying that these are not legitimate copyrighted DVDs. I don't know if it could go this far but obviously there are some federal statues that's probably been violated as well involving copyrighted materials."

Nelson Freelove lives directly across the street from Mitchell, and says neighbors were just as surprised as anyone when the cops showed up.

Freelove said "wrong is wrong no matter who it is or what you do. You do wrong well you have to pay. I'm sorry that happened to him."

Mitchell is currently being held in the Lowndes County Jail.

Press Release: Lowndes County Sheriff's Office

On July 31, 2013, investigators with the Criminal Investigation Division of the Sheriff’s Office began an investigation into the illegal reproduction and distribution of recorded materials, namely movies. Following a brief investigation, a search warrant was issued for the residence of Robert Mitchell, who resides at 750 South Lee Street.

As a result of this search, investigators located in excess of ten thousand {10,000} reproduced movie DVD’s, some of which were playing at local theaters at the time, the electronic equipment necessary to mass duplicate the DVD’s and a large quantity of blank DVD’s and covers. While at the residence investigators also noticed that Mitchell had the movies displayed on shelving and most were cataloged and marked with prices much like a retail operator.

In the time since the seizure, investigators have worked to closely examine many of the DVD’s and assure that the movies were not commercially produced and licensed for sale and/or rental.

It was learned that some of the movies had been recorded by persons who went to movie theater and would record the movie in order to be illegally later reproduced.

On Tuesday, August 17, 2013 Robert Mitchell was arrested at his home for multiple warrants alleging his illegal reproduction and sale of copyrighted materials.

This is the second such investigation conducted by the Sheriff’s Office involving Robert Mitchell. In June 2009 investigators served a search warrant at the same residence which led to the discovery
of a movie reproduction operation and a number of stolen items inside the home. The court case associated with that arrest has since been disposed of by the courts.

Sheriff Prine is asking that anyone with information about this case, or other similar events to contact the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office at {229} 671-2950 or anonymous tips can be provided at {229} 671-2985 or on line at

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