Madison Candidate Accused of Corruption Loses Bid for Re-election

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Madison County, Florida- August 14, 2012

Less than a year ago, Jada Woods Williams was in charge of running elections like the one Tuesday.

Her bid was cut short when she was accused and arrested for voter fraud.

She was, one of nine, investigated by the FDLE for the 2010 Madison County District 1 School Board election. That group has infamously become known as the Madison Nine.

Williams was charged with 17 counts of 'neglect of duty' and 'corrupt practices.' Governor Rick Scott removed her and added incumbent Thomas "Tommy" Hardee into the role.

She and the other eight fought their charges, today she was one step closer, but fell short. Thomas Hardee will go head to head with Amy Kendrick in November.

Woods didn't return our calls for a response, but here is what Hardee had to say.

"As a candidate I'm real excited we've put a lot of changes in. We've implemented a lot of checks and balances, so I think the voters can decide, they can see the job we've done."

Woods legal battles aren't over yet, she still awaits trial.

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