Madison Co. Fugitive Found in A/C Duct Work, Arrested

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Madison, FL -- A Madison County man who had evaded arrest twice by fleeing on foot was found and arrested after hiding in the A/C duct work of a mobile home.

A document released today from the Madison County Sheriff's Office states that on August 1, deputies approached a mobile home on SE Byrd Ave in Madison in search of 23-year-old LaFredrick McQuay. When deputies asked the occupants as to the whereabouts of McQuay, they were told that he was not there.

Deputies were invited inside to search and McQuay was not found in any rooms. However, while walking through the hallway, a deputy noticed that a vent door was closed. When the deputy opened the vent, McQuay was found hiding inside.

He was pulled out and arrested without further incident. McQuay has been charged with two counts of Battery in a Domestic Violence incident and one count of Trespassing.

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