Internet Cafes Banned from Local Area

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Officials in a local area have voted no to allow internet cafes.

Currently, in the city of Madison, internet cafes are allowed, but the issue to have them in unincorporated areas was never addressed.

That's until now. Madison County Commissioners had the option to vote them in or keep them out.

During their meeting last week, they voted four to zero to prohibit them from coming.

But, that will not affect the internet cafes in the actual city of Madison.

Madison County just said yes to alcohol in the county. Now they're looking into saying yes or no to internet cafes.

Currently, the gaming sites are allowed in the city of Madison, but not in the unincorporated areas.

"They're alright, they don't really bother me none, I don't really go to them that much," said Madison County resident, Chris Herring.

The county commission will put the measure up for vote at its Wednesday meeting.

If they allow the cafes, regulations will include permits that limit the number of machines a business can have.

There were two different ordinances drawn up for the commission meeting, one would allow internet cafes outside of city limits with regulations. The other, would ban them all together.

A Florida coalition of internet cafes says under Florida law, these places are completely legal.

The issue has been on the back burner of the county commission's agenda for about eight months now.

There is the possibility they may table the issue, but they will at least address it tomorrow.

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