Madison County Sheriff's Office Warns About Donut Challenge

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It seems like a harmless challenge but a new social media trend could be encouraging people break the law.

The Madison County Sheriff's Office is cracking down on what they call "The Donut Challenge."

Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites are no stranger to trending challenges.

There's the Cold Water Challenge, the No Make-Up Challenge and now the Madison County Sheriff's Office says there's the Donut Challenge.

"It's a violation of law. I mean it's a criminal mischievous issue to address with the destruction of county property and it's also a crime to be reckless driving," Epp Richardson, Chief Deputy at the Madison County Sheriff's Office said.

The groups take their vehicles to dirt roads and film themselves doing high speed circles in the cars.

They then post the videos to Facebook and challenge others to do the same.

"You can lose control, hit a tree. You can turn over. You can be ejected. The vehicle could be turned over on you. There's just a numerous amount of things that can go wrong," Richardson said.

The Madison County Sheriff's Office took to its own social media page to put an end to this online challenge.

The office said almost immediately after, many of the videos were taken off the internet.

"I don't think there's malicious intent by the parties involved. It's probably ramifications of harmless fun not taking into consideration the real hazards that it involved," Richardson said.

While the Sheriff's office hasn't made any arrests regarding videos posted from the donut challenge, it reminds people that posting a video of you or someone you know committing a crime, can act as strong evidence.

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