Madison Remembers Tornado that Killed 4 in 1988

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By: Mike Springer
April 18, 2013

Madison County, FL-Twenty-five years ago Friday, a Tornado ripped through Madison County, killing four people and destroying dozens of buildings.

The tornado touched down around 4:30 in the morning while many were still asleep.

It ripped the roof off of a church, destroyed buildings at the community college and wrecked the cemetery.

The twister left a 12-mile path of destruction in its wake.

Those who lived through the twister still have vivid memories of that day.

"It sounded like a giant freight train or something coming through. A lot of other people felt the same way. They heard the same sound I did. But they were from different homes and different areas in the community. But that freight train was not a freight train. It was that tornado that came through," said Clyde Alexander, a Madison resident.