Madison Sheriff's Receive Special Recognition

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Madison County Sheriff's Release

Madison County Sheriff Ben Stewart formally commends and recognizes two Deputies for their diligent efforts in making the highways in Madison County a safer place for all motorists to travel.

Madison County, categorized with 26 similar in size and population counties, rates number 1 in the State of Florida in regards to Aggressive Driving and Speed and further rates 6th in regards to violators driving under the influence (DUI). Madison County experienced a total of 9 traffic fatalities during 2012.

On Tuesday the 12th day of February 2013, Captain David Harper presented to Sheriff’s Deputy Odell Livingston an award of recognition for having the highest traffic activity, absent the full time assigned traffic Officer and Sheriff’s Deputy David Myers an award of recognition for having the highest DUI activity.

The efforts of these Officers are a continual reflection of the proactive and excellent level of services the men and women of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office provide to all communities and citizens of Madison County.

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