Man Accused of Multiple Murders on West Coast Now Suspect in Local Murders

By: Julie Montanaro

A man accused of multiple murders on the west coast is now considered a suspect in multiple murders here.

Suspected serial killer Samuel Little is now a prime suspect in murders in Tallahassee and three surrounding counties.

Samuel Little was indicted in Los Angeles this week for the strangulation murders of three women back in the 1980's.

Detectives there are scouring cold cases to see if he's linked to any more.

Now the Florida Department of Law Enforcement has named Samuel Little a suspect in murders in four Big Bend counties, Leon, Gadsden, Jefferson and Wakulla.

When asked if he thought the unsolved murders murders had a chance of being solved, Jeff Fortier, FDLE Special Agent Supervisor, responded I really do.

"I'm optimistic that at least the cases we are intimately involved in that we will be able to resolve them," said Fortier.

Fortier says Samuel Little has made many stops in Tallahassee; he's been in the Leon County Jail arrested for drugs in 1993, arrested for shoplifting in 2005 and again for grand theft in 2007.

Court records show he went to prison for stealing $300 worth of steaks and electronics from the Walmart on West Tennessee.

When Little got out about a year later, he listed his address as 480 W Tennessee, the Tallahassee Homeless Shelter.

"So we know he's been here," Fortier said. "We have good reason to believe he may be responsible for some of these cases but we won't know for sure until we get the lab results."

FDLE won't specify which women they suspect Little of killing here. Fortier says agents started with a timeline and a list of unsolved murders that fit the pattern - women found strangled and at least partially nude.

It has asked police departments and sheriff's offices to submit evidence that can be tested for DNA.

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