Man Accused of Pulling Gun on FAMU Campus

By Julie Montanaro
February 27, 2013

A parking lot confrontation at FAMU ended when students say one man pulled a gun.

Brenton Neil was arrested and accused of aggravated assault and possession of a gun on campus.

It all started in the parking lot behind the Dyson Pharmacy building last Wednesday.

Neil told FAMU Police he was waiting for his girlfriend and had blocked another car in the parking lot.

According to arrest papers, the driver of the other car claims Neil got angry when she asked him to move and pointed a gun at her boyfriend when he tried to intervene.

Neil tells a much different story. According to arrest papers, he told FAMU police he thought the woman's boyfriend was going to attack him. Neil says he feared for his life so he showed the gun, but never pointed it at anyone. Arrest papers say Neil does have a valid concealed weapons permit.

"I've had confrontations before over a parking spot, so it's just something that's kind of the norm around here," one student said, "I mean they're not going to pull a gun, but they'll definitely get out of their car or truck and tell you about it."

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