Man Arrested For Making Death Threats Against Local Sheriff

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By: Kara Duffy
May 15, 2013

A South Georgia man was arrested after making death threats against a local sheriff.

Dominee Lamar Reddick, 22, from Thomas County, was charged with making terrorist threats against Lowndes County Sheriff Chris Prine.

Investigators say Reddick posted derogatory comments on his Facebook page about Sheriff Prine.

They say he also went into detail about how he wanted to kill Prine.

"Now whether he had the true intent to do this? You just can't take a chance with that," said Captain Steve Jones, with the Thomas County Sheriff's office. "Someone makes that specific of a threat to someone, we've got to act."

Deputies say Reddick is a distant cousin of Kendrick Johnson, the teen found dead in a rolled up cheerleading mat in the Lowndes High School gym.

They say Reddick expressed anger over the way the Lowndes County Sheriff's office was handling the case.

Reddick has since been released from Thomas County Jail on bond.

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