Man Arrested Outside Shelter For Fondling Toddler [READ PROBABLE CAUSE]

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By: Garin Flowers
July 1, 2013

It's difficult for many to hear.

"Very surprising, very shocking...nobody suspected it," said a shelter guest.

Exactly what happened at the Tallahassee homeless shelter this weekend.

Calvin Carridine, 42, now faces charges of lewd fondling a minor, which is a felony.

According to TPD, he waved officers down after being punched by a man Friday morning.

That man ended up telling authorities it all stemmed from Carridine inappropriately touching a two-year-old boy at the shelter.

"I was really sad for the child," said the shelter guest.

The man told police the boy was walking towards Carridine near the picnic benches.

He said the boy ended up between Carridine's legs and started to fondle him, according to the arrest report.

Carridine said he was only hugging the boy.

"He's never had a problem in the past with us, no problematic behavior or anything like that," said Jacob Reiter, executive director of The Shelter.

Reiter said they are always working to make the shelter a safer place.

"We have a 24-hour-a-day staff, we routinely do safety checks and patrol the ground so it's important to provide a safe environment and we're gonna continue to work to do so," Reiter said.

Carridine is being held in the Leon County Jail without bond. At this time, we don't know why the boy was there or where his father was at the time.


By: Garin Flowers
July 1, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - A man is accused of fondling a toddler outside The Shelter in Tallahassee. A witness confronted the man, and he's now behind bars without bond.

The alleged incident occurred at the homeless shelter on Tennessee Street.

A witness told police a two-year-old boy was at The Shelter walking towards 42-year-old Calvin Carridine. The witness says the boy ended up between Carridine's legs where he eventually began to fondle the boy, according the the arrest report.

The witness told TPD, who then questioned and arrested Carridine.

The Executive Director of The Shelter, says the suspect was not a regular guest, but would come every now and then. He says Carridine isn't a registered sex offender and never caused any problems.

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