Man Arrested for Spinning up Madison Co. Yard, Firing Shots in Air

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LEE, Fla. -- An area man was arrested last week after spinning up the yard of a Madison County residence in his truck while firing shots into the air.

A report released today by the Madison County Sheriff's Office states that on July 31, deputies were called to the residence on Cocklebur Terrace in Lee. Douglas Dixon, 68, of Lee was reportedly spinning up the yard in a tan Chevrolet truck while firing shots out of the vehicle and into the air.

As deputies arrived they saw a truck matching the description exiting the property. They stopped the truck and approached the vehicle, asking if Dixon was armed, which he denied.

After searching Mr. Dixon and the truck, they found a Ruger semi-automatic handgun on the floorboard, partially concealed under the seat. They also found a wooden box labeled "Winchester" containing a bag of marijuana and a pipe.

Dixon was placed under arrest and was charged with trespassing, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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