Man Arrested in Madison County Following Gas Station Stunt

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News Release: Madison County Sheriff's Office
August 19, 2014

MADISON, Fla. -- A man found himself behind bars following a drunk driving incident at a gas station.

The Madison County Sheriff's Office says that last Friday, Christopher Don Cheatum, 33, of San Diego, CA was spinning a circle around eight gas pumps in a Loves parking lot on CR255 near the I-10 interchange in Madison County.

Patrons who were fueling their vehicles had to get out of the way to avoid being hit by Cheatum's Ford truck. The truck then swerved around one a deputy but the deputy pulled him over before he was able to enter the highway.

The deputy said the man was slurring his speech and that his breath smelled like alcohol.

Cheatum then failed a field sobriety exercise and was placed under arrest.

He is being charged with driving under the influence.

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