Man Caught Unsupervised Inside A Thomasville Classroom

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Updated By:Emily Johnson
August 14, 2014

Thomasville, GA - Administrators for Thomasville City Schools are taking action against a man found unsupervised inside one of its Harper Elementary classrooms. The school district said nothing was stolen out of the woman's purse that the man was going through, but the district is now taking steps to make sure an incident like this doesn't happen again.

"Since we could not trust that gentleman to come onto our campus' I will be asking that a trespass notice be delivered to him by the Thomasville Police Department. He will have to have special arrangements for any contact with anyone on any campus," said Sabrina Boykins-Everett, Thomasville City Schools Superintendent.

The school district is also asking teachers and staff to secure their personal belongings and to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity.

By: Emily Johnson
August 13, 2014

Thomasville, GA - Staff at Harper Elementary School had quite the scare on Monday when they found an unsupervised man on campus.

We're told two men came to the school to bring medicine to a student and checked in as visitors. However, the man who did not have a child at Harper Elementary wandered into a part of the school where he wasn't supposed to go.

"One of our school resources officers were called via cell phone by the principal asking him to come to the school property," said LT. Eric Hampton, Thomasville Police Department Spokesperson.

In the police report it explains the male was found inside of an empty classroom going through a teacher's purse.

When confronted the man said he was looking for a rubber band. Right now there's no word is anything was stolen out of the purse or if the teacher wants to file charges.

Thomasville City Schools told us this was an isolated incident and was taken care of immediately.

Even though the man was wearing a visitors pass the police department encourages faculty and staff to be aware of situations like this on a school campus.

"The school, staff, the faculty and the administration were very alert in calling us when they saw something suspicious on the campus. They did a good job," said LT. Hampton, talking about Harper Elementary.

The man in incident was not arrested, but the Thomasville Police told us the investigation is on going.

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