Man Comes Home for Lunch, Finds His Home Being Burglarized

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Winnie Anne Wright
January 14, 2014

Valdosta, GA - Police say two men backed their silver Impala into the driveway of the home on Garland Place and were burglarizing a home when the homeowner stopped by for lunch. VPD says when the suspect saw the homeowner, the driver sped away and left the other burglar behind. Who police say, then took off running. The Valdosta Police Department is still looking for the suspects.

"The one he saw in the car he described as an African American male, slender build with a white t-shirt on. He didn't get a good look at the one who was coming around the side of the house, but apparently a witness in the area saw a couple of African American males running from the area. Both of them he described as slender and 19 or 20 years old", says Lt. Aaron Kirk, with the Valdosta Police Department.

All in all, police say the suspects stole about $2,000 worth of computers and gaming systems.