Man Guilty in South Florida Gang Rape, Murder

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MIAMI -- September 29, 2012

A man faces a possible death sentence for his part in the abduction of a young couple on South Beach, killing the girlfriend and leaving the boyfriend to die.

A Miami-Dade County jury took just over an hour Friday to find 33-year-old Joel Lebron guilty of first-degree murder, rape and kidnapping.

Authorities say then 17-year-old Nelson Portobanco and 18-year-old Ana Maria Angel were walking back to their car after a date in April 2002 when they were forced into the pickup by Lebron and four other men.

Authorities say Lebron stabbed Portobanco and left him for dead along Interstate 95, but the teen survived. Angel was repeatedly raped and taken to a retaining wall beside I-95 in Palm Beach County, where Lebron killed her with a single gunshot to the back of her head.

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