Man Hunt Ends With Arrest

Courtesy of Echols County Sheriff's Office
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News Release: Echols County Sheriff's Office

A two day man hunt ended with the arrest of Cedric Gee, 19 of Statenville, GA.

On Sunday April 27 at approximately five A.M., an Echols County Deputy conducted a traffic stop on a black Nissan Sentra. Further investigations revealed that the driver, Derriet Stacey, 20, of Statenville, was driving without a license, without valid registration, with no insurance and speeding. Stacey also had an active felony violation of probation warrant out of Lowndes County.

The deputy took Stacey into custody and attempted to interview the passenger, whom identified himself as Chavez Gee. The deputy then recognized Gee as Cedric Gee whom had an active probation warrant out of Lowndes County for his arrest.

As the deputy was attempting to pat Gee down for weapons, Gee stated that he had a pocket knife on him. As the deputy attempted to place Gee’s hands behind his back, he snatched away resisting arrest. While attempting to subdue Gee, he snatched away causing the deputy to break his finger. After Gee fled, Sheriff Courson arrived at the scene to assist in the search. Sheriff Courson found a quantity of marijuana lying on the ground where Gee was standing. An attempted search to find Gee was unsuccessful.

On Monday, April 28 at approximately twelve P.M., deputies received information to Gee’s possible whereabouts.

Deputies went to a residence located on Ferman Staten Circle where Gee fled out of the back of the residence and through the woods as deputies pursued him.

K-9 tracking dogs from the Valdosta State Prison were brought out to assist in the hunt.

After a five-hour search through miles of woods and swamps, Sheriff Courson and Investigator Neel located Gee standing on Hester Rd.

When Gee saw Sheriff Courson and Investigator Neel approaching, he fled into a swamp. Investigator Neel and Sheriff Courson pursued Gee into the swamp. While attempting to apprehend Gee, he continued to resist arrest while fighting with Investigator Neel.

Sheriff Courson and Investigator Neel were then able to apprehend and detain Gee. Gee was then placed under arrest and charged with two counts of felony obstruction of an officer, two counts of a misdemeanor obstruction of an officer, misdemeanor giving false information to a law enforcement, and misdemeanor possession of marijuana (less than one ounce).

Gee was transported to Lowndes County Jail for processing.

Sheriff Courson would like to thank the Valdosta State Prison K-9 division for their assistance in hunt for Gee.

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