Man Wanted for Murder in South Florida Winds up in Area Jail

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Tallahassee, FL - September 25, 2012

A man wanted for murder in South Florida finds himself behind bars in our area.

Madison County Sheriff deputies say they were called to a house in Lee, Florida for a possible burglary.

They found Matthew Brown inside. He told them he was watching the house for the homeowner who was out of town.

Initially, Brown gave them a different name. He only admitted his real name as they asked him to go to jail for fingerprinting.

After Deputies checked through FBI records, they found out he was wanted for murder in Miami.

Ben Stewart, Madison County Sheriff says, "he was an accomplice to a murder that occurred on December the 30th in Miami. A brutal murder down there so they were wanting him pretty bad and we still don't have a story of how he wound up here in Madison."

Brown is currently booked in the Madison County jail. The U.S. Marshal's office is scheduled to pick him up and take him back to Dade County.


Madison County, FL - September 25, 2012

Madison County Sheriff Ben Stewart reports that on Friday the 21st day of August 2012 at 10:25 PM, Madison County Deputies responded to a report of a possible burglary in progress at a residence in Lee Florida. The home owners father called to report that his son was out of town and lights were on in the son’s residence.

When Deputies arrived they immediately secured the residence and eventually made contact with a person inside. The person whom identified himself as Montrell Spain told deputies that he was a friend of the home owner and had been staying there while the owner was out of town. Deputies attempted to contact the home owner to verify the story but were unable to do so. Deputies made every attempt to verify the subject’s identity utilizing various databases without success.

Deputies tried to clarify the subject’s personal information and the subject changed his last name to Spin which again no identity match could be made. Based on the Deputies training and experience and considerations of the totality of circumstances the Deputies had the subject accompany them to the jail for finger print identification to confirm his exact identity. The subject consented and accompanied the deputies. While traveling to the jail, the subject admitted he was lying about his identity and then provided his real identity.

The subject identified himself as Matthew Edward Brown, DOB: 09/25/1971, B/M of Miami Florida. Brown was further checked through FBI databases which confirmed his identity and proved that he was listed as a fugitive on the United States Marshalls’ Office most wanted for homicide in Miami Florida.

Matthew Edward Brown of Miami Florida was arrested and booked into the Madison County Jail on murder and placed on hold for the US Marshall’s Office to pick up.

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