Man Charged with Animal Cruelty is Sentenced

Gadsden County - June 1, 2012 - 7:43pm

Yanco Peterson was sentenced in a Gadsden County courtroom on May 18. He was found guilty on six of the 24 counts of animal cruelty charges against him. The judge sentenced him to five years in prison, and was given credit for the 689 days he's already served.

In 2010, Peterson was arrested when sheriff's deputies confiscated dogs during a dog fighting ring bust in Gadsden County. Peterson said he was only a breeder.

On June 29th, deputies came to Peterson's house at 231 L and M Lane in Quincy to recover stolen items, and found 34 dogs chained up in his backyard, and evidence that they've been trained for dog fighting.

At last check the dogs were being held at the animal shelter and faced being put down if they were deemed too aggressive. Peterson claimed he simply breeds puppies and that any scarring on the dogs was accidental.

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