[UPDATE] Hoarder Found Dead, Buried Alive in Home

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UPDATED 3-31 6:14 PM

"She told me to call 911, the police came out," said neighbor who called for help Marie Young.

Officers say Wednesday afternoon they responded to this home in reference to a missing man; a response that officers say turned into a shocking discovery.

"I really wasn't shocked because I felt like something was wrong but I didn't know until the man said he smelled something," said Young.

The smell described was from the decomposed body of Charlie Wilson a man friends and family said they haven't seen in weeks.

Officers said neighbors called for a welfare check and when they arrived they found a badly decayed body.

"His other cousin came by the other week but he didn't think nothing he just didn't come to the door," said Wilson's Cousin Cedric McCloud.

"I saw him a week in a half ago I asked him where he been he said he been in the house," said neighbor Bobby Davis.

Boxes, cars, garbage all piled outside Wilson's home but inside officers said was even worse.

Officers said they had to break this window and create a path in order to bring Wilson's body out ; but officers said fighting through the smell and the rubble wasn't easy.

"It's the worse one I've ever seen I haven't been in law enforcement as long but as for me personally it's the worst one I've seen," said Moultrie Police Department Corpral Dave Underwood.

Officers said the City of Moultrie has condemned Wilson's home and placed a sign there letting people know it is un-livable.

Officers said they don't expect any foul play and believe Wilson died from natural causes. Wilson was in his seventies.

Moultrie, Georgia - March 31, 2011 - Noon -

A neighbor's curious eye leads to a grim discovery in Moultrie, Georgia. A man is found buried alive in his now condemned home.

Officers say Charlie Wilson's body was found yesterday afternoon buried in mounds of possessions and trash. His neighbor's called for a welfare check because they had not seen him.

Officers say his body was badly decomposed and they believe he was stuck in the clutter for more than three weeks.

When firefighters arrived on scene they had to break through a window and fight their way through the house to find Wilson's body.

Neighbors and family members describe him and as a kind man and they were completely unaware that his living conditions were this extreme.

A bright red "condemned" sign now warns other residents that his property is unlivable.

Wilson's first cousin says that he knew Charlie liked to collect things, but had no idea the hoarding was this intense.

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