Marching Chiefs Prep For Game Day

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By Emily Johnson
September 13, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - The Sound of the Marching Chiefs will fill the air of Doak Campbell tomorrow. They have been hard at work prepping for the home opener against Nevada. Head Drum Major Daniel Rosman says,
"yes I'm incredible excited, words can't describe it." he also says he's seen an improvement in all areas the band from, "Chiefs attitude, Marching Chiefs talent the way we perform and practice."

Just like other sports the Chiefs are doing their part to get ready for the season, Danielle McLean understand that conditioning is an essential part to performing her best. McLean says,
"It's very much like a sport and so I just very much like an athlete would I just prepare my body and a lot of other people do to."

This year the Marching Chiefs began practice a week before school with about 400 band members. They take the field every weekday two hours each day. The Chiefs are most excited about the pregame performance that gets everyone hyped up as Neil Bleiweiss would say, "our pregame is really rich with tradition, we spell out FSU and Noles and a bunch of stuff. Every goes wild because everyone knows what's going to be"

The Chiefs take pride in not only their performances, but also because they are an essential part to the game day experience.
Rosman says he can remember in the ACC Championship of their intimidation factor to the other team, "we played the War Chant 3 or 5 times in a row, you could see our players getting really pumped up, and the other teams players actually looking up at us like what's going on."

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