Marijuana Grow House Busted In Madison County

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By: Chris Gros
August 14, 2014

Lee, FL - Local tips led Madison County Sheriff's Office deputies to a big marijuana bust today.

The grow house was located in a barn in the small town of Lee. Investigators searched the barn and found 101 pot trees. The building itself was wired so that the drugs could be grown inside, complete with A/C units and thousand watt piece lights.

To power the operation the suspects stole power from tri-county electric without tripping the meter. Investigators believe the growers are from out of town because the design of the grow house doesn't match local pot busts.

"They're trying to find rural areas for that purpose because we don't have the manpower that some of the larger agencies do and of course we're out in the country it's a lot harder to cover the areas with the manpower we have," said Sheriff Ben Stewart.

In fact the grow house is similar to four other drug busts in Madison that Stewart says were run by Cuban nationals.

"These guys are very sophisticated they don't sell these drugs locally. These are once they're processed they're shipped out to other distribution points in bigger cities," said Stewart.

No arrests have been made in connection to this grow house.

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