Martin Roesch Named Valdosta City School Superintendent

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By: Eames Yates

Valdosta, GA - After 25 years working for the Valdosta City School System Marty Roesch will become its new superintendent on July 1st. One of his goals: a renewed focus on those responsible for education.

Roesch said "we want to include the teachers in on the conversation of what's best for our kids. What do they need."

Roesch has been the assistant superintendent to Doctor Bill Cason since 2008. Before that he was the principal of Valdosta Middle School for 10 years. He plans to tackle what he sees as the top challenge for city schools.

He said "I think it's making sure that you have buy in from all of your stake holders. One of the biggest obstacles that we face in education today in general is parent involvement."

Roesch was appointed by the Board of Education on Tuesday night. The first person he told was his wife.

Roesch went on to say "we got married twenty three years ago, I told her that as a teacher at that time, that my ultimate goal was to one day be the superintendent of this school system and so her reply back to me was twenty three years later and your dreams have come true."

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